I am an Assistant Professor in philosophy at Brown University, where I am a part of the Political Theory Project.

Before that, I had positions at the University of San Diego, the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, the Centre for Philosophy, Politics and Economics at the University of Groningen, and the Centre for Moral and Political Philosophy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. I received my PhD in philosophy from MIT in 2016.

I work on rationality, value, and risk.

I am also interested in formal epistemology, decision theory, the philosophy of economics, coffee, comedy, and various fretted string instruments. I drive a pink school bus.

Also check out 24.00x Introduction to Philosophy: God, Knowledge, and Consciousness. It is a free, open-access edX course I helped create and teach.


Ryan Doody

Brown University
25 George St.
Providence RI 02912

email: ryan_doody [at] brown [dot] edu

Here is my CV.