Ryan Doody, professor of philosophy at Brown University



Risk-taking and Tie-breaking. (2023) Philosophical Studies, 180(7), 2079-2104. [link] [preprint] [abstract]

Chance, Consent, and COVID-19. (2023) In Moral Challenges in a Pandemic Age, ed. Evandro Barbosa. [link] [pdf] [abstract]

Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls: Against Hayward's "Utility Cascades". (2022) Utilitas, 34(2), 225-232. [link] [preprint] [abstract]

Hard Choices Made Harder. (2021) In Value Incommensurability: Ethics, Risk, and Decision-Making, ed. H. Andersson and A. Herlitz. [link] [preprint] [abstract]

The Sunk Cost 'Fallacy' is Not a Fallacy. (2020) Ergo, An Open Access Journal of Philosophy, 6(40), 1153-1190. [link] [pdf] [preprint] [abstract]

Opaque Sweetening and Transitivity. (2019) Australasian Journal of Philosophy, 97(3), 559-571. [link] [preprint] [abstract]

If There Are No Diachronic Norms of Rationality, Why Does It Seem Like There Are? (2019) Res Philosophica (special issue on Reasons and Rationality), 96(2), 141-173. [link] [preprint] [abstract]

Parity, Prospects, and Predominance. (2019) Philosophical Studies, 176(4), 1077-1095. [link] [preprint] [abstract]

In Progress

Consider the Ostrich: Non-Utilitarians, Ex Ante Interests, and Burying Heads in the Sand. [pdf] [abstract]

Dice Ex Machina. [pdf] [abstract]

Actual Value Decision Theory. [pdf] [abstract]

Unemployment Insurance, Inflation, and the Willingness to Work. [pdf] [abstract]

A Decent Living: Making the Case for the Minimum Wage (with Simone Gubler). [pdf] [abstract]

Taking the Cake? Rational Choice in the Face of Unresolved Value Conflict [pdf] [abstract]

Consensus and Compromise in Collective Choice. [talk] [abstract]

Lying, Misleading, and Plausible Deniability. [pdf] [abstract]


Doing Your Best (While Making Do With Less): The Actual Value Conception of Instrumental Rationality [pdf] [abstract]

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